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Booked: Wedding Ring!

Wow! Long time no post! Been MIA for the last few months because of this new hobby of mine, called Calligraphy! :)

We booked Goldenhills Jewelry last Apr7 bridal fair so we got a 20%  discount. Marian assisted us patiently because it took us forever to choose the design. We do not have any design in mind so we just picked out from their display. We just wanted a very simple design, no bling-blings, diamonds, platinum made or whatever. So here is the sample picture and specs of our wedding band:

model: 13VRC092
color: white gold matte with yellow gold shiny lining
carat: 14k
width: 3.9mm
thickness: 1.5mm
Peso Power: Php 33,040.00 (discounted na!)

It is important to put in writing the model, color, type of finishing (mattes, shiny, mixed), carat, width and thickness to ensure the quality that you paid for and agreed to. If you opted to have diamonds, it also important to take note of that.

By the way, it was a battle between Goldenhills and another wedding ring supplier because they both have the same design. The other alahera is around 10k cheaper than Goldenhills, but what I did not like is the "cleanliness" of the design. In fairness to the other alahera, they are very polite and accommodating to us. And they both offered a very flexible payment that can be made through bank deposit.

Did you also know that you can upgrade your ring when the time comes you want to change the design? So we plan to change our ring every 10 years hahahaha... Of course there's an additional cost to that, hopefully we're filthy rich by that time! ^_^

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Pre-Nup & Save-the-Date

So we're done with our Pre-Nup Photoshoot and Save-the-Date video!!!
For the mean time, click this link of our Pre-Nuptial Photos. Will add more photos here after we got all of our photos! As of this writing our STD is subject for editing and will post it here once it is done :) Hope you'll learn something from our experience! :)

Recycled Flowers for Bride and Entourage

I'm having a second thought on getting fresh flowers for me and for my entourage so I plan to DIY the entourage flowers and boutonnieres. Kasi imagine you're going to buy flowers, will use for a day and display it in your house for a week or so. Then after they dry and lose its beauty you have no other choice but to throw it away na. Sayang di ba?

So as I was researching if w@w has something about materials on how to DIY flowers... Lo and behold! I found Accents & Petals! They make flowers from recycled materials:  paper, wood shavings, corn husk, burlaps, and other recycled buntings you can think of. Very neat, artsy & crafty right?


Pamamanhikan is a Filipino ritual for the soon-to-wed couples. Participants are the groom's family, the bride's family, & of course the groom & bride! This is where the groom formally ask the bride's parents for her hand in marriage.

Reception Hunting in Laguna... & in Alabang

As of this writing, we already booked our Church (St. Benedict Church) & Reception (The Monochrome) venue, and we just want to share our other reception hunting experiences in Sta. Rosa Laguna & in Alabang.

Reception Hunting Over: The Monochrome

The Monochrome
Since we fell in love with St. Benedict Church and decided to book THE PLACE, reception hunting in Sta. Rosa Laguna therefore begins!

Reception Hunting #2: The Palms

The Palms Country Club

I've heard & read a lot of great reviews about The Palms, but I never considered this one before because I thought it's for members only, or if you know someone who's a member, he/she can sponsor you to avail the venue. But I kept on seeing their booth sa mga bridal fairs so I thought baka they are open to public na so I called them to confirm, and they are open to public na nga (yung venue lang ha! I'm not sure if other facilities also...), sabay set na din ng ocular schedule. So without further a do, here are my short observations/comments and some of the pics that we took :)

Reception Hunting #1: GCF South Metro

GCF (Greenhills Christian Fellowship) South Metro is actually a school and a venue for Christian fellowship. This is one of the nearest (and the cheapest!) venue from St. James (if you are a non-resident of AAV) because it's along Daang Hari lang. We were assisted by kuya Nelson who is the supervisor, he's very friendly and accommodating so we're not hesitant or intimidated to ask all our questions.

Church Hunting #1: St. James the Great Parish Church

Since we decided not to get Fernbrook as our Church & Reception venue (story soon...), St. James became our next target. We really want to held our wedding around Alabang area, from hotel to church to reception, para less hassle sa mga guests & to us na rin syempre.

How do I meet my shortlisted suppliers

A question was posted in W@W group awhile ago (quoted below), that's why I decided to write something about this. I am not a wedding supplier or any expert in meetings, so I will just share my experiences in meeting up with prospect suppliers, how did it start, how did it end & everything in between.

2013 Manila Bridal Fair Sched

Here are the initial bridal fairs that I researched, will update/add more hopefully soon!
Thanks to my W@W sisters who also contributed!

Church Hunting #2: St. Benedict Church

Last Nov. 3 we went to St. Benedict Church, it is located just in front of Ayala Westgrove Heights Entrance Gate and beside St. Scholasticas College. The reason why we checked out this church because we wanted to keep our options open from St. James the Great (as of that time, our target Church Venue).

Hello World!

Yey! This is my first blog ever! I never thought that I'm gonna make one in my entire life... but anyways I want to share my wedding preparation experiences, including supplier hunting, meet-ups, reviews & everything in between. Leave your comment & do share your experiences also. :)